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Expo Week

June the 16th saw the start of BA Graphic Design and Illustration’s end of year exhibition.


Everyone had their work up on time and looked amazing. It showed how far we had come and how much more confident we all were at design work. It’s the end of the course and the end of a class; I’ll miss the class but am happy I can move on with all the new people I have met this year. I do think it’s important to all stay in touch, even if it’s through the infernal but sometimes suprisingly useful Facebook.


 Most of the work I exhibited




Up Up and Away!

The exhibition is up, and is looking damn fine. Ignor the cables and general mess as it’s only for assesment. It wont be open to the public untill June 16th where I’ll be displaying video/animation content.


Also with thanks to Zoe, I’ll have some great vynil cut stickers to hand out. The designs all relate to my Final Negotiated Project, which I’ll be posting up soon. One design was a tad to complicated so couldn’t be cut too well. I guess I’ll have to simplify them slightly in future.


All this work is for assesment and wont be here in time for the show; I just hope it was enough to pass on.


The selection of work I chose to display is very vector based. I thought I’d show my stroingest side and stick with vector.

 I think it’s also time to tell people about the amazing work of Machine 56, vector king and experienced artist.


His work is very heavily influenced by eastern art, something I try incorporating into my work. His use of vector based graphics really pushes the imagination into new areas. Through studying his work and countless others, it’s easy to see how things were created, but it’s hard to see how they got to that particular conclusion. That is where I’d have my problems, the work is the fun and somewhat easy part (although challenging in its own right) It’s the idea generation that makes the whole process so hard. Anyone can churn out a vector, but producing something truly remarkable is tough work.

The final hours

It’s almost the end of my uni life, hours to go and still tones of work to complete; but I’m slowly getting there. Today was good, got the exhibition set up, got my business cards through and collected allot of excellent prints from JohnESmith in Oxford.


The business cards were a huge success

It’s hard to say what I’m going to do after uni, I know for sure that I’m going to have a short but very relaxing break. But so far my options aren’t as limited as first thought, maybe going back to London to work is the best, or maybe just chilling out working in HMV for a year is a way of giving myself time to build skills, travel around a bit, take it easy.

Full update on the exhibition, with photos, soon.