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ThreeSpeech videos

Thought I’d post up the work I had done for Threespecch again, I wont bother with the TSR logo or articles I wrote,  just the video work.

Some of the strangest work I’ve done, but damn fun. Something I’d love to take a lot further and push in new directions.

I’ve been asked to join a 48 hour competition to create a video, hopefully this will provide me the chance to improve my camera work.


ThreeSpeech Goodbye Cake

A video I made for the mighty ThreeSpeech!

+ the cake was lush!





TSR is a clan I belong to that plays Killzone 2 multiplayer on the PS3. It’s really fun and a great way to talk to some quality peeps.

We recently played against the games developers that could have gone better, my router turned itself of half way through the game.

I was incredibly annoyed and moaned about BT HomeHub for days after. Still though it was a great experience and I had a great, if short, time.

The clan is a great way to forget about uni work and just take it easy and I’d urge anyone else to join one.

Our clan goings on can usually be found on