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Logo work for InStudio

logo 2

I was asked recently to create a logo for InStudio, the brief was interesting and gave me the chance to design something perfect for the team.


The logo had to show music and power with out being too overwhelming. The designs were very well received and was used straight away in videos and on official websites.


ThreeSpeech videos

Thought I’d post up the work I had done for Threespecch again, I wont bother with the TSR logo or articles I wrote,  just the video work.

Some of the strangest work I’ve done, but damn fun. Something I’d love to take a lot further and push in new directions.

I’ve been asked to join a 48 hour competition to create a video, hopefully this will provide me the chance to improve my camera work.



I’ve printed some low cost stickers to go along side the vinyl copies. I plan on designing billions more, so watch this space for new exciting designs and info on how to get some through your door!



Vinyl stickers are hard to make and expensive. Also limits you greatly in the complexity of designs and colours used.

Zoe vs Oxford

Zoe came down to Oxford for a few days, saw the sights and sounds.


I never saw Oxford from a tourists perspective so viewed my city in another way. For once I looked up and saw that the buildings were old, grand structures in some areas. We went to see the universitys and went to lunch at the stadium. Had a damn good time, had some laughs and one very terrifing but exciting experience that included a fat bloke with a Tesco bag.


The days flew by, next stop, Kent for a BBQ with Zoe.

Expo Week

June the 16th saw the start of BA Graphic Design and Illustration’s end of year exhibition.


Everyone had their work up on time and looked amazing. It showed how far we had come and how much more confident we all were at design work. It’s the end of the course and the end of a class; I’ll miss the class but am happy I can move on with all the new people I have met this year. I do think it’s important to all stay in touch, even if it’s through the infernal but sometimes suprisingly useful Facebook.


 Most of the work I exhibited



ZOE of the enders

Zoe kicks ass!


She’s a bit of a muppet, bit of a wise ass, but really quite cool. She’s been a great mate recently, helping me out with things and through hard times. She has some cool interests, apart from the obviously terrible love for one certain musical act that pains me too much to say. She likes graffiti, Games, kick ass films and a load of other random ass stuff. 


She desrves the best and gets the best from everyone around her, and she works hard to attain some amazing goals. She never runs away from anything and fights hard to get what she wants.


Thanks Zoe



It’s starting to get really tough, the work is piled up and it’s pretty hard to keep it moving when I’m not the greatest of Illustrators.

 I’ve been asked to promote a Japanese exhibition, which is great fun, but so hard to get right.




This really wasn’t something I liked too much.


The ideas were flowing to begin with and I had chosen one great possible outcome, unfortunately though while researching I had found a piece done by someone that funnily enough looked almost identical to the idea I had in my head. So now I’ve had to ditch the idea and start fresh….


So now I’m getting some foundations down so I’m able to hopefully do the impossible and try something a little out of my comfort zone.


I dream, I draw, I vectorize, I roll


While in Milton Keynes I went to the Xscape and saw these excellent boots.


 The only thing stopping me now from learning to get on the slopes is money. The second my car makes it through the MOT this week, I’m signing up for lessons at Mk.


It looks like crap, but drives like a dream. You can zip around corners BMW’s find hard to stick too, park with your eyes closed and it can easily do a steady 90 but can be pushed further (not that I go those speeds)

Also has a transformers badge on the steering wheel!

Animation progress 50%


The animation is coming along great!


The animation is being created for the science museam and focuses on the education of blackholes for 8-14 year olds. So far all story boards have been planed and the voice work has been confirmed. My major problem with the animation is all the sitting down I do, my back is killing me!


Apart from the killer weekend, I never go out at all.


1st post on a new blog dedicated to the mental ramblings of a Graphics student based in the Oxford area.

Read as I continue my daily battle with the Adobe creative suit, expand on my creativity and continue enjoying an obsession to Kit kats.

Check back for the good stuff, the bollocks and everything in between.