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In Oxford

The blog is back!

Have had a break over the last few months to settle into my new job. I’m currently the designer of In Oxford magazine at In Designs and love every part it, excellent team, great working atmosphere and a great chance to learn and grow in the creative industry. Making the magazine is sometimes a tad difficult due to slow clients but maybe the hardest thing about it is the constant change of structure.

So far I’ve been lucky enough to create 3 magazines from December through to February, each with their own minor problems but something I’ve been confidently perfecting. To me February has been an important edition as I’ve improved significantly over the last two. I’ve kept dead-on consistent in design throughout the whole magazine which is a hard thing to do at times as you look at the same 80 odd pages everyday over the course of 3 weeks.

The March edition of In Oxford is approaching as I’ve sent copy chase off and am now looking forward to starting work on it.



The final hours

It’s almost the end of my uni life, hours to go and still tones of work to complete; but I’m slowly getting there. Today was good, got the exhibition set up, got my business cards through and collected allot of excellent prints from JohnESmith in Oxford.


The business cards were a huge success

It’s hard to say what I’m going to do after uni, I know for sure that I’m going to have a short but very relaxing break. But so far my options aren’t as limited as first thought, maybe going back to London to work is the best, or maybe just chilling out working in HMV for a year is a way of giving myself time to build skills, travel around a bit, take it easy.

Full update on the exhibition, with photos, soon.



It’s starting to get really tough, the work is piled up and it’s pretty hard to keep it moving when I’m not the greatest of Illustrators.

 I’ve been asked to promote a Japanese exhibition, which is great fun, but so hard to get right.




This really wasn’t something I liked too much.


The ideas were flowing to begin with and I had chosen one great possible outcome, unfortunately though while researching I had found a piece done by someone that funnily enough looked almost identical to the idea I had in my head. So now I’ve had to ditch the idea and start fresh….


So now I’m getting some foundations down so I’m able to hopefully do the impossible and try something a little out of my comfort zone.


I dream, I draw, I vectorize, I roll

Animation progress 50%


The animation is coming along great!


The animation is being created for the science museam and focuses on the education of blackholes for 8-14 year olds. So far all story boards have been planed and the voice work has been confirmed. My major problem with the animation is all the sitting down I do, my back is killing me!


Apart from the killer weekend, I never go out at all.


Here is a video I made for of me creating a PS3 out of ice and snow.

It’s was really cold but fun to do.

Enjoy while I create content to post up on the blog over the next few days



1st post on a new blog dedicated to the mental ramblings of a Graphics student based in the Oxford area.

Read as I continue my daily battle with the Adobe creative suit, expand on my creativity and continue enjoying an obsession to Kit kats.

Check back for the good stuff, the bollocks and everything in between.