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ThreeSpeech videos

Thought I’d post up the work I had done for Threespecch again, I wont bother with the TSR logo or articles I wrote,  just the video work.

Some of the strangest work I’ve done, but damn fun. Something I’d love to take a lot further and push in new directions.

I’ve been asked to join a 48 hour competition to create a video, hopefully this will provide me the chance to improve my camera work.


Music research for the animation

A sample of some of the music I plan on using in an upcoming animation. It’s a long and hard animation to finish, using techniques I’ve never used before. Thanks to Chris Cox for the excellent work on the guitar.


The guys at orbital Comics informed me that I had won a Competition to go see the UK premier of Afro Samurai Resurection.

Obviously I was excited, but was unfortunatly told a day before the event! The short notice was harsh but managed to go with a mate, thankfully there was minimal traffic into London.


The auditorium was packed, filled with row after row with fans and artsy fartsy people.

In most comon Rob style I sat at the back with a few beers and an excellent view.


The film Anime was stunning, every cell must have had hours put into making it look so deep and engrosing.

we all recived bags with dvds, music, posters etc.


There was also Djs, Mcs, JRock and graffiti all over the place.

The atmosphere was amazing and was soon to get even better when I realised Terratag ( was there in full force which leads me on to the stand out moment of this year. I was at the store for sometime looking for the prints and art work, I was fixed on it for about 30mins untill one of the guys from terratag started talking to me. It wasn’t for about 5 mins untill I realised the guy I was talking to was Paul Nicholson (founder of Terratag). Maybe not known to alot of people, but Paul Nicholson is the designer of the amazing logo work from Ghost in the shell. He created the very popular Laughing man logo shown here.




He was a really nice bloke, we had a really good talk about design and how Japan has influenced the west in so many ways.

He has invited me to the Terratag studio which I am deffo taking him up on.


For any of you that havn’t seen Afro Samurai or Ghost in the shell, please get your ass to these sites and spend!

series one:

first and second film:

or for the blu ray super fan:


Warai Otoko!


Here is a video I made for of me creating a PS3 out of ice and snow.

It’s was really cold but fun to do.

Enjoy while I create content to post up on the blog over the next few days



1st post on a new blog dedicated to the mental ramblings of a Graphics student based in the Oxford area.

Read as I continue my daily battle with the Adobe creative suit, expand on my creativity and continue enjoying an obsession to Kit kats.

Check back for the good stuff, the bollocks and everything in between.