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A look at some of the work from the show


Some of the work I had in my exhibition space, months of work right there.

The breif was to advertise a japanese exhibition, I think it does that quite well. Obviously all vector, all crazy, just the way I like it.


Up Up and Away!

The exhibition is up, and is looking damn fine. Ignor the cables and general mess as it’s only for assesment. It wont be open to the public untill June 16th where I’ll be displaying video/animation content.


Also with thanks to Zoe, I’ll have some great vynil cut stickers to hand out. The designs all relate to my Final Negotiated Project, which I’ll be posting up soon. One design was a tad to complicated so couldn’t be cut too well. I guess I’ll have to simplify them slightly in future.


All this work is for assesment and wont be here in time for the show; I just hope it was enough to pass on.


The selection of work I chose to display is very vector based. I thought I’d show my stroingest side and stick with vector.

 I think it’s also time to tell people about the amazing work of Machine 56, vector king and experienced artist.


His work is very heavily influenced by eastern art, something I try incorporating into my work. His use of vector based graphics really pushes the imagination into new areas. Through studying his work and countless others, it’s easy to see how things were created, but it’s hard to see how they got to that particular conclusion. That is where I’d have my problems, the work is the fun and somewhat easy part (although challenging in its own right) It’s the idea generation that makes the whole process so hard. Anyone can churn out a vector, but producing something truly remarkable is tough work.

The final hours

It’s almost the end of my uni life, hours to go and still tones of work to complete; but I’m slowly getting there. Today was good, got the exhibition set up, got my business cards through and collected allot of excellent prints from JohnESmith in Oxford.


The business cards were a huge success

It’s hard to say what I’m going to do after uni, I know for sure that I’m going to have a short but very relaxing break. But so far my options aren’t as limited as first thought, maybe going back to London to work is the best, or maybe just chilling out working in HMV for a year is a way of giving myself time to build skills, travel around a bit, take it easy.

Full update on the exhibition, with photos, soon.

Creating GODZILLA!


Like any  drawing you sketch down allot of ideas, this happened to be the best of the bunch.


You draw, refine, you print, you draw, you refine and so on untill you start to achive what you want.


and finally, you scan it into illustrator, vector it, colour it, then remove the lines.

Now that my FMP (final major project) is slowly coming to an end, I must concentrate on trying to finish my animation in 7 days time. I had to drop the animation about a month back to try make a start on everything else, but now that I’m more free, I’ll be able to hopefully finish everything in time for assesment on 14/5/09.

ZOE of the enders

Zoe kicks ass!


She’s a bit of a muppet, bit of a wise ass, but really quite cool. She’s been a great mate recently, helping me out with things and through hard times. She has some cool interests, apart from the obviously terrible love for one certain musical act that pains me too much to say. She likes graffiti, Games, kick ass films and a load of other random ass stuff. 


She desrves the best and gets the best from everyone around her, and she works hard to attain some amazing goals. She never runs away from anything and fights hard to get what she wants.


Thanks Zoe


The guys at orbital Comics informed me that I had won a Competition to go see the UK premier of Afro Samurai Resurection.

Obviously I was excited, but was unfortunatly told a day before the event! The short notice was harsh but managed to go with a mate, thankfully there was minimal traffic into London.


The auditorium was packed, filled with row after row with fans and artsy fartsy people.

In most comon Rob style I sat at the back with a few beers and an excellent view.


The film Anime was stunning, every cell must have had hours put into making it look so deep and engrosing.

we all recived bags with dvds, music, posters etc.


There was also Djs, Mcs, JRock and graffiti all over the place.

The atmosphere was amazing and was soon to get even better when I realised Terratag ( was there in full force which leads me on to the stand out moment of this year. I was at the store for sometime looking for the prints and art work, I was fixed on it for about 30mins untill one of the guys from terratag started talking to me. It wasn’t for about 5 mins untill I realised the guy I was talking to was Paul Nicholson (founder of Terratag). Maybe not known to alot of people, but Paul Nicholson is the designer of the amazing logo work from Ghost in the shell. He created the very popular Laughing man logo shown here.




He was a really nice bloke, we had a really good talk about design and how Japan has influenced the west in so many ways.

He has invited me to the Terratag studio which I am deffo taking him up on.


For any of you that havn’t seen Afro Samurai or Ghost in the shell, please get your ass to these sites and spend!

series one:

first and second film:

or for the blu ray super fan:


Warai Otoko!

ThreeSpeech Goodbye Cake

A video I made for the mighty ThreeSpeech!

+ the cake was lush!




It’s starting to get really tough, the work is piled up and it’s pretty hard to keep it moving when I’m not the greatest of Illustrators.

 I’ve been asked to promote a Japanese exhibition, which is great fun, but so hard to get right.




This really wasn’t something I liked too much.


The ideas were flowing to begin with and I had chosen one great possible outcome, unfortunately though while researching I had found a piece done by someone that funnily enough looked almost identical to the idea I had in my head. So now I’ve had to ditch the idea and start fresh….


So now I’m getting some foundations down so I’m able to hopefully do the impossible and try something a little out of my comfort zone.


I dream, I draw, I vectorize, I roll




TSR is a clan I belong to that plays Killzone 2 multiplayer on the PS3. It’s really fun and a great way to talk to some quality peeps.

We recently played against the games developers that could have gone better, my router turned itself of half way through the game.

I was incredibly annoyed and moaned about BT HomeHub for days after. Still though it was a great experience and I had a great, if short, time.

The clan is a great way to forget about uni work and just take it easy and I’d urge anyone else to join one.

Our clan goings on can usually be found on


While in Milton Keynes I went to the Xscape and saw these excellent boots.


 The only thing stopping me now from learning to get on the slopes is money. The second my car makes it through the MOT this week, I’m signing up for lessons at Mk.


It looks like crap, but drives like a dream. You can zip around corners BMW’s find hard to stick too, park with your eyes closed and it can easily do a steady 90 but can be pushed further (not that I go those speeds)

Also has a transformers badge on the steering wheel!