In Oxford

The blog is back!

Have had a break over the last few months to settle into my new job. I’m currently the designer of In Oxford magazine at In Designs and love every part it, excellent team, great working atmosphere and a great chance to learn and grow in the creative industry. Making the magazine is sometimes a tad difficult due to slow clients but maybe the hardest thing about it is the constant change of structure.

So far I’ve been lucky enough to create 3 magazines from December through to February, each with their own minor problems but something I’ve been confidently perfecting. To me February has been an important edition as I’ve improved significantly over the last two. I’ve kept dead-on consistent in design throughout the whole magazine which is a hard thing to do at times as you look at the same 80 odd pages everyday over the course of 3 weeks.

The March edition of In Oxford is approaching as I’ve sent copy chase off and am now looking forward to starting work on it.



2 thoughts on “In Oxford

  1. JohnSketch says:


  2. erole says:

    Get a new PS3 John! I’m missing the Sketch.

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