Zoe Kemp


Just a quick post to draw your attention (all 45 of you) to my Girlfriends new Deviant Art account.

She’s currently working on building a portfolio and applying for jobs in the industry. Check back regularly to see new design work and illustrations.



5 thoughts on “Zoe Kemp

  1. fanpages says:

    Not forgetting the prefix to “friend” you are now using as a description of Zoe.

    Congratulations to you both, but mostly to you, E-ROLE, for noticing what the rest of us had seen immediately… Zoe was female.

    Hubba Hubba, etc.



  2. JohnSketch says:

    Dangerous indeed….if i get a free minute im gonna create a webpage purely dedicated to the “art of seducing Zoe Kemp”


    scared yet -_-

    • erole says:

      To be very honest John, you should be scared of her. She’ll attack you in your sleep! Yep, that’s right, you’ll be laying there dreaming about Computer forensics, then sudenly you’ll get an elbow in the face.

      Don’t say i didn’t warn you!

  3. JohnSketch says:

    I have a defend to the elbow!

    *spiked pillows!*

    If she tries to elbow me in the face APOW!!!!!! imples herself.


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