I’ve recently started the process of creating some type for the web site. I’ve wanted some very illegible but interesting, modern, sharp letters to decorate my site, but have been unableto find any on web sites like dafont. So what better way to get what you’re looking for than designing it yourself?porti

I have shown a number of people to see if they are able to see what each word says. No one so far has been able to read this word, some have seen “porndvd” others just see a mess of lines. The whole idea of this work is not for people to see something legible, but something interesting. I found that each word I chose to design gave me the shapes to play around with.


2 thoughts on “Experimental

  1. pabloamigo says:

    is the answer – Groovy?

  2. erole says:

    lol, no where close paul, it’s a hard one!

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