In Oxford

The blog is back!

Have had a break over the last few months to settle into my new job. I’m currently the designer of In Oxford magazine at In Designs and love every part it, excellent team, great working atmosphere and a great chance to learn and grow in the creative industry. Making the magazine is sometimes a tad difficult due to slow clients but maybe the hardest thing about it is the constant change of structure.

So far I’ve been lucky enough to create 3 magazines from December through to February, each with their own minor problems but something I’ve been confidently perfecting. To me February has been an important edition as I’ve improved significantly over the last two. I’ve kept dead-on consistent in design throughout the whole magazine which is a hard thing to do at times as you look at the same 80 odd pages everyday over the course of 3 weeks.

The March edition of In Oxford is approaching as I’ve sent copy chase off and am now looking forward to starting work on it.



Zoe Kemp


Just a quick post to draw your attention (all 45 of you) to my Girlfriends new Deviant Art account.

She’s currently working on building a portfolio and applying for jobs in the industry. Check back regularly to see new design work and illustrations.

Logo work for InStudio

logo 2

I was asked recently to create a logo for InStudio, the brief was interesting and gave me the chance to design something perfect for the team.


The logo had to show music and power with out being too overwhelming. The designs were very well received and was used straight away in videos and on official websites.


 The Official E-ROLE-T

Created using:


Me being a plonker almost ruined the shirt as I had the Iron on wayyyy too high. Fortunatly Zoes finger nails got the situation under control as she was able to lift the plastic off the Vinyl.


The finish is outstanding, feels like a real shirt.  I’d love to create some shirt design and sell them like the very famous Terratag run by the insightfull Paul Nicholson who I’ve had the pleasere of meeting.

Flash Animation


Check out the Flash animation preview I’ve created over at my Deviant account, it’s coming along nicely!

 Just remember to forget about a script as this is only meant to show animation and art direction.

ThreeSpeech videos

Thought I’d post up the work I had done for Threespecch again, I wont bother with the TSR logo or articles I wrote,  just the video work.

Some of the strangest work I’ve done, but damn fun. Something I’d love to take a lot further and push in new directions.

I’ve been asked to join a 48 hour competition to create a video, hopefully this will provide me the chance to improve my camera work.



I’ve recently started the process of creating some type for the web site. I’ve wanted some very illegible but interesting, modern, sharp letters to decorate my site, but have been unableto find any on web sites like dafont. So what better way to get what you’re looking for than designing it yourself?porti

I have shown a number of people to see if they are able to see what each word says. No one so far has been able to read this word, some have seen “porndvd” others just see a mess of lines. The whole idea of this work is not for people to see something legible, but something interesting. I found that each word I chose to design gave me the shapes to play around with.



I’ve printed some low cost stickers to go along side the vinyl copies. I plan on designing billions more, so watch this space for new exciting designs and info on how to get some through your door!



Vinyl stickers are hard to make and expensive. Also limits you greatly in the complexity of designs and colours used.

Zoe vs Oxford

Zoe came down to Oxford for a few days, saw the sights and sounds.


I never saw Oxford from a tourists perspective so viewed my city in another way. For once I looked up and saw that the buildings were old, grand structures in some areas. We went to see the universitys and went to lunch at the stadium. Had a damn good time, had some laughs and one very terrifing but exciting experience that included a fat bloke with a Tesco bag.


The days flew by, next stop, Kent for a BBQ with Zoe.

Expo Week

June the 16th saw the start of BA Graphic Design and Illustration’s end of year exhibition.


Everyone had their work up on time and looked amazing. It showed how far we had come and how much more confident we all were at design work. It’s the end of the course and the end of a class; I’ll miss the class but am happy I can move on with all the new people I have met this year. I do think it’s important to all stay in touch, even if it’s through the infernal but sometimes suprisingly useful Facebook.


 Most of the work I exhibited